Alkaline Cuisine is a large print, easy to read cookbook.  Through a variety of American, European, Asian and East Indian recipes you’ll learn how to become more alkaline by learning how to combine the foods you eat.  You’ll learn which foods promote Alkalinity.  As you change from being acid to more alkaline you’ll reap the benefits of better health and more vitality.

    Alkaline Cuisine

     By Zhèna

Alkaline Cuisine offers the beginner a pantry list along with a list of herbs and their uses.  You won’t find desserts with refined sugar but will find many vegan recipes, an egg substitute and a very informative chapter on dental nutrition.

Alkaline Cuisine uses the graphic of a feather to illustrate which recipes are the most Alkaline.

Whether you are young, elderly, an athlete, a child, healthy, struggling with health issues (overweight, aches and pains, toxicity, fatigue or some mysterious ailment) Alkaline Cuisine can offer you an improved state of being.

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